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Oman News : 當地傳統市集Eid Habta

Eid Habta market relives local tradition當地傳統市集Eid Habta

August 07, 2013 

 Hundreds of people from across Oman are thronging the traditional Eid Habta livestock markets, buying and selling livestock and animatedly participating in noisy auctions of prize animals, notwithstanding the fact that prices of livestock have been skyrocketing.
數以百計的阿曼人全都擠進Eid Habta 牲畜市集,在這裡可以買賣家畜、拍賣珍貴的動物,不可否認的事實是牲畜市集的動物已不如以往的便宜。

Eid Habta livestock markets:傳統阿曼市集舉行在開齋前,聚集在各區城中買賣貨物和家畜。http://issask.photoshelter.com/gallery/Eid-Habta/G0000_WwfbgeeiFI/C0000waAbiIecQ0o 

Eid Habta, which begins six days before Eid, is an integral part of the festivities. Held traditionally for centuries, the Eid Habta markets have been witnessing huge crowds of Omanis — right from the early hours of the morning — to sell and buy livestock.
Eid Habta 牲畜市集於開齋前六天開市,也是屬於慶典的一部分。有數世紀的歷史,阿曼人正是市集的見證者,穿越時空地一大清早便擠進大量想要買賣家畜的人們。

As people from virtually every village of every wilayat in Oman rub shoulders with each other, querying about prices and adjudging the up-for-grabs goats, cows and sheep, the scene is straight out of a centuries-old historical narration of a market. Eid Habta livestock markets at times see auction of animals that are three times more expensive than even the imported ones.
當來自各地區部落的阿曼人彼此摩肩繼踵,詢價、殺價、討價還價,只為了爭奪山羊、奶牛和綿羊,這樣的場景直截活生生地描述百年市集的歷史。在Eid Habta牲畜市集還會上演動物大拍賣,其拍賣的價格有時還會比進口的動物貴上三倍以上。

Eid Habta markets can be seen in the wilayats of Ibri, Bahla, Rustaq, Nizwa, Seeb, Ibra, Sur, Jaalan, Fanja, Suwaiq, Buraimi, Khasab, Sohar and Izki.
Eid Habta市集常分布聚集在Ibri, Bahla, Rustaq, Nizwa, Seeb, Ibra, Sur, Jaalan, Fanja, Suwaiq, Buraimi, Khasab, Sohar and Izki.等地區。

The auction of the livestock can be held within a specified circle area. At times, the auction for a cattle head begins from OMR50, and could go up to OMR85. Traders who participate in livestock sale and purchase claim they post substantial profits. Besides, the auctioneers also make not less than OMR300 per day.
1 OMR ~=77.72 NTD

While the price of a goat could start from OMR60,  that for a head of cattle could range between OMR250 and OMR1,200.

Even though goats were found in abundant numbers among the animals on sale, the Eid Habta held in the wilayat of Bahla saw a considerable increase in the prices being offered for goats and cows. It recorded OMR246 as the maximum price for a goat. As for a cow, the maximum price recorded so far was OMR550 in the same market.
即使山羊數量在動物交易中是最多數的,在Bahla區的Eid Habta仍大幅提高山羊和奶牛的價格,交易紀錄中山羊最高可以喊價到246OMR,而在同一市集奶牛截至目前為止最高交易價是550OMR。

The Habta souq held in the wilayat of Ibra, now in its sixth consecutive day, recorded prices of goats ranging between OMR120 and OMR208.

souq:希伯來語,中東世界稱市場為”souq”。 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Souq

While many traders import the animals, experts say Omanis prefer to buy local livestock since it is of better quality and the meat tastes better. "Soft and scrumptious" is how many described the meat from the local livestock.

Dr Saeed Al Kaabi, Chairman of the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP), said the authority has no plans to shut down the makeshift traditional markets that come up for Habta and Arsa and where local Omanis trade in livestock. Justifying the stance to allow the Eid Habta markets to continue, Al Kaabi said these were a legacy of hundreds of years and were part of the Omani tradition. 
消費者權益維護管理局局長Saeed Al Kaabi教授表示:目前政府當局並沒有計畫為Habta及Arsa等任何當地交易家畜的傳統市集進行轉型,並且以正義的立場允許Eid Habta市集持續運作。局長同時表示:這是阿曼傳統文化中超過百年的遺產。

However, he said the authority was prepared to bring the zooming prices under control, and regular inspection campaigns will kick off as usual.

All commodities 所有商品
At the bustling Eid Habta markets nationwide, people buy everything they require for cooking, including dried banana leaves to wrap the meat, sauce bottles, as well as Omani Halwa — a delicacy that any Omani household cannot resist.
全國陷入在忙碌的Eid Habta市集中,人們購買任何可以烹煮的食物,包括用乾香蕉葉包裹的肉、瓶裝醬油以及Omani Halwa,一種阿曼人無法抗拒的家常點心。

Omani Halwa:阿曼的傳統甜點,一種類似果凍的膠質點心,搭配阿拉伯咖啡享用。http://www.mydestination.com/oman/travel-articles/72232/omani-halwa

Clearly, with crowds thronging and shopping having become an integral part of celebrations, most souqs and roads witness huge crowds as Omanis head home every evening carrying bags loaded with goodies and heading to their wilayats, occasionally also causing traffic congestions, particularly at places such as the Muttrah Souq.
顯而易見的,人山人海和購物潮已經成為慶典之一,每天傍晚大部分的市集和道路可見成群的阿曼人拎著大包小包的貨物前往他們居住的部落回家,有時還會引起交通阻塞,尤其是像Muttrah Souq大型的市集更常見到。